Vegetable Gardening

Grow delicious garden vegetables from the exotic to the old faithfuls, such as tomatoes, carrots and beans.

Vegetable gardening continues to grow in popularity. Home gardeners are discovering just how easy it is to produce delicious, nutritious vegetables right in their own garden! From juicy tomatoes, tasty cucumbers, sweet onions and crisp lettuce for salads, to the harvest of potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, tender peas, more gardeners are discovering the joy and satisfaction of harvesting their dinner right from their own backyard vegetable gardens!

Homegrown taste is so superior to anything that you can purchase in a supermarket.

You can grow your own organic vegetables without pesticides or herbicides too. Gardening with vegetables is also a great way to reduce your family food budget. You can make your homegrown produce last all winter too by freezing and canning what your family can’t eat in summer.

Children delight in growing their very own vegetables!

Vegetable gardening is a wonderful way to introduce children to the joy of growing too. Try pumpkins that they can carve into jack-o-lanterns in the fall, or let them discover the thrill of digging up potatoes in the ground. Carrots, tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuce, giant zucchini, sunflower seeds are all great fun for children to try!

Homegrown vegetables are the pride of any gardener.

You don’t need a big space for growing your own vegetable garden either. Veggies can be tucked into a container on your patio, laid out in a sunny open spot in your yard, or different veggie plants can be tucked in amongst your flower garden as part of your beautiful landscape.

Beans and peas make beautiful edible vines, tomatoes and peppers can be more colourful than flowers, and spinach, radishes and lettuce can made a fabulous groundcover. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned farmer, visit some of these seed retailers below and discover the fun you can have growing your own dinner in your own vegetable garden!


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