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Keeping Rats Out of Your Compost

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People are embracing the use of compost bins to recycle household waste and use them in the garden. Compost bins facilitate faster decomposition of organic matter through moisture retention and proper aeration to produce organic fertilizer. They are a great way of getting rid of household organic waste and ensuring that your garden is fertile. However, they attract rats that may be hard to eliminate.

Tips to keep rats out of your compost

When using a compost bin, chances of dealing with rats are high. Rats look for food and shelter and a compost bin caters for both needs. Therefore, you can experience a serious rat problem if you are not careful. Below are tips to keep rats out of your compost.

Bury food wastes

Rats are attracted to compost because they are a source of food. Therefore, when adding food waste, you should dig in and deposit the waste inside. Cover the food scraps and add a few inches of leaves or grass clippings to layer on top of the food.

Avoid adding food waste

If rats become a real problem, stop adding food waste in the compost. Instead, set up a vermicomposting food waste bin. Alternatively, you can bury the food wastes in the garden directly.

Use a solid sided bin

Food waste and vegetable peelings should go in closed composts that have solid sides and lids. There are some plastic types that have a rat-proof base. If you go for one that does not have a rat-proof base, place it on a tiny gaped wire mesh. Moreover, the wire mesh should be thick enough to withstand the sharp rodent teeth.

Keep the compost moist

Rats look for shelter and food in your compost. A dry compost is an ideal shelter for rats and inefficient for making organic fertilizer. A moist compost pile results in an unpleasant odor and anaerobic conditions that rats cannot put up with.

Plant mint near your compost

Rats hate the scent of mint. Therefore, if you plant mint close to your compost, it may deter rats. However, this only works if the rat population is not high.

Use Bokashi

Bokashi makes food unappealing to rats. Bokashi ferments food wastes to produce a funny odor that puts off even the hungriest rat. Put the food waste in a bucket and layer it with Bokashi bran. After two weeks, add it to your compost. It will decompose faster and keep rats away.


The rat problem can become uncontrollable. If the above tips fail, consider seeking assistance from a pest control company. For more information about getting rid of your rat problem visit